COVID-19 Preparedness and Response Plan

Preparedness and Response Plan

A message to our guests

Hours of Operation:

Because we are an Inn and have guests 24 hours a day 7 days a week, to keep guests safe we ask them to wear masks and social distance while in common areas and wear masks upon entering the Inn.

Staying home when appropriate

-Guests are encouraged to stay home if they are sick. Arrangements can be made to change reservations to another date.
Checking In

-Guests will be asked to wear masks when checking in for their stay.
-Upon checking in guests will be asked if they are feeling well and if they have been exposed recently to anyone who has been sick. Temperatures will be taken if guest shows any signs of
-If guests are showing symptoms of COVID-19 and running a temperature above 101 they will be asked to cancel their reservation and return home.
-If guests are not showing any symptoms, they will be welcome to stay with the agreement of social distancing and wearing masks while in public areas.
Employee Training and Health
-Among the Vineyards has 1 employee, the Owner/Innkeeper. The owner will keep up on State and CDC guidelines/training.

-The Innkeeper will monitor herself and if she becomes infected with COVID-19 will notify future guests and cancel reservations until she has no symptoms according to the CDC guidelines.
-If the Innkeeper becomes infected with COVID-19 she will contact all guests who have stayed at the Inn within the last 14 days to alert them to possible exposure.

Hand Washing and Respiratory Etiquette
-Frequent handwashing will be done by the Innkeeper with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.
-Guests will be encouraged to wash hands frequently, but especially prior and after eating and after sneezing or coughing.
-When soap and water not available hand sanitizer will be available. There will be hand sanitizer at the reception desk and guests will be encouraged to use upon checking in and returning to the Inn.
-When coughing or sneezing the Innkeeper and guests will be encouraged to cough into their elbow or use a Kleenex and wash hands immediately after.
-Masks will be used when appropriate (guest check in, serving food, in public areas).

Adequate Supplies
-Masks, gloves and cleaning supplies will be kept on premises and replenished when depleted.
-The inn will have disposable masks available for guests who do not have proper PPE.
-Supplies will be purchased at Meijer or other stores as appropriate.

Signs and Messages
-Signs for hand hygiene and mask etiquette will be posted in common areas.
Cleaning and Disinfection
-Frequently touched surfaces will be cleaned at least daily and more often as needed following all required safety laws, regulations and rules.
-Rooms will be thoroughly cleaned between guests with approved products that are appropriate for the surfaces.

-Used linens and garbage will be removed and exchanged from each guest room each day and bathrooms and high touched surfaces will be cleaned.
-All linen will be washed in hot water and double rinsed.
-The common areas will be cleaned/disinfected each day.
-Guests rooms will be provided with disinfected wipes for guest use.
-Guests will limit group gatherings in the house. During good weather they may gather on the patio using safe distance practices.
-Because the Inn is only 4 bedrooms, guests are able to keep to themselves and limit their exposure to others.
-When in the dining room guests will maintain safe distances at their tables.
-Guests will be discouraged from gathering in common areas unless it is with family/friends they are traveling with.
-When there is more than 1 couple in the Inn, masks will be worn in common areas.
-The outdoor hot tub may be used by individual couples and guests traveling together, but not by unrelated guests at the same time.
-If the Innkeeper receives information from a guest that they developed symptoms within a week of staying at the Inn, the Innkeeper will notify all other guests staying at the Inn at the same time as the infected guest of the exposure.
-In accordance with state and local laws, Among the Vineyards B&B will notify local health officials of any COVID-19 cases among guests or the Innkeeper, while maintaining
confidentiality in accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).